Theme Party

From 100 People

Taste the unique summer festival atmosphere that prevails on the UP Events site and drop by appointment to shape your festival.

Why a Summer Festival at UP Events

Festivals are hot! Corporate festivals have been the same in recent years, because experiencing awesome events together is inspiring and lifts the team to a higher level. Sharing experiences together is becoming increasingly important and dull company parties are a thing of the past. Atmosphere, good food, good music, fun activities and a summer festival terrain are what we can offer to give you an unforgettable experience! Together with your colleagues, family and relations you get to know each other in a relaxed way, with of course our “twist of the unexpected”.

We have put together 3 carefully selected festival packages. These packages can be expanded with our so-called add-ons, so you can give your own personal twist to your corporate event. You can, for example, place emphasis on more music, more food or, on the contrary, capture this inspiring day. Together we put together your perfect day. Do you have special wishes? No problem, we will fill this and relieve you as much as possible during the organization of this top day!

This corporate festival includes:

  • Amazing festival location
  • Enthusiastic and motivated UP staff
  • A great program
  • Packed with activations
  • Fully furnished to your wishes
  • Dozens of add-ons options
  • Summer festival decoration
  • Unlimited lager, wine, soft drinks, coffee, tea
  • Various snacks
  • Relaxed summer atmosphere

Sum UP corporate festival

Location: Tom Schreursweg 8, 1067 MC Amsterdam
Duration: 4 hours
From 100 people: € 115.95 pp excl. VAT.

Themed  festivals

The festivals at UP Events are very suitable to put your company in the spotlight. Thanks to its good location in relation to public transport and the highway, UP Events is perfectly accessible. You can also park for free in front of our door! In the summer and in the winter, the terrain will be completely brought into atmosphere. In the winter we have a Winter Wonderland Theme and in the summer there is a relaxed beach club atmosphere. Do you want to come quickly to visit our site?

Everything is possible

It is also possible to add an activity such as the Graffiti workshop, Survivor or the Escape Challenge Morte Frio to the company festival. And how about a delicious BBQ or Tapas buffet. Below you can see an overview of all possible add-ons to your corporate festival so that you can dress up your festival completely in your own style.

What more is possible

We can tailor the corporate festival in Amsterdam concept to your wishes. Together we make your program complete by thinking along with your wishes and needs. Whether for a Christmas party, company theme party or New Year’s reception. Do you prefer a shorter program or a program that is even more extensive? Please contact us by telephone 020-4635850 or via the contact form. We would like to get in touch to realize the perfect day for you.

Company Festival tailor made offer